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Benefits of Working with a Niche Project Management Consulting Firm

Let’s face it – if you’re a mid sized organization and have strategic projects that you need to deliver, it’s integral to select the right project delivery partner for your business.


While you have the deep knowledge of your company and your customers, going with the right project delivery partner can instantaneously add to your Project Management capability, and deliver your projects successfully. 

There are three potential options when selecting a project delivery partner. (1) Hire an individual project manager (contract or employee). (2) Hire a top-tier consulting firm. Or (3) hire a niche Project Management consulting firm.

Though all options have diverging benefits, here is an argument on why option #3 – hiring a niche Project Management consulting firm – can be of benefit to your organization and its bottom line.


As a niche Project Management consulting player, firms may be able to work with your budget in the context of the size of your organization or your project. Because you may have a closer access to a niche firm’s top leadership, you will be able to negotiate a rate that works for you.  Compared to the top-tier consulting firms, the niche players have a significant lower non-billable cost base, so what you pay is often directly the value you get from the consultant assigned to YOUR project.


A niche Project Management consulting firm will be able to mobilize the contracting process, consulting resources and delivery process directly to match the urgency of your organization. With less ‘red tape’, niche players will have just one thing in mind: how to make YOUR project successful, and thus deliver the end-to-end services with much more agility and nimbleness. Additionally, niche players will be able to customize the project delivery approach that fits your organization and it’s internal culture.

Experienced Consultants

When working with a niche Project Management consulting firm, you will get senior level and experienced consultants to deliver your project, in both pre and post sales activities. Due to the niche capabilities, there is no army of consultants from which to select, who may not know your true needs for the project. On the flip side, if you hire an individual project manager, the person you get is as good as the interviewer’s ability to select the right project manager, which leaves your organization at risk.

To minimize risk and maximize value at an affordable budget, hiring a niche Project Management consulting firm seems to be a viable choice that you can make for your next project!

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