PMO Maturity

Understanding PMO Maturity in Your Organization

Last week StrategicFront partnered with Sciforma to host a 1-hour webinar, in which we talked about a proven approach for assessing and maturing PMO in your organization.

Here are some highlights of the webinar, as well as the slides and the full recording.

What is a PMO?

Project Management Office (PMO) is an essential component that enables the successful delivery of key initiatives for a department, unit or organization, and hence, enables its overall future success. An effective PMO should manage expectations, drive the right behaviours and, ensure the right level of communication and accountability.

A PMO is…

  • a centralized structure that eases and expedites the delivery of projects through good project management discipline and the application of appropriate governance
  • an entity that holds a holistic view of all projects and understands the business imperatives behind each initiative
  • an information channel to make key functional units, and all stakeholders aware of their roles and responsibilities
  • responsible for creating and communicating the overall project dashboard


  • intended to be an added level of unnecessary bureaucracy or overhead
  • doing the work but rather facilitating the execution in an integrated and consistent fashion
  • a roadblock to business growth
  • a manager of day-to-day business activities
A Viable PMO Should Provide Value
  • Contribute to business growth – inject project management discipline from strategy formulation through benefits realization
  • Reduce business risk – flexible, end-to-end project management process that balances rigor with overhead, with simple-to-use tools to plan, manage, track and report all project activities
  • Keep management informed – provide regular updates to the leadership / executive team and contribute to ongoing executive reporting as it pertains to the status of execution
  • Deliver successful projects – provide project management best practice discipline to guide and drive project delivery and realise desired benefits
  • Serve as PM expert – set the standard, provide the tools / templates, be the resident advocate and model for good Project Management practice while mentoring, guiding and training
5 Steps to Improve PMO Maturity
  1. Know the PMO functions/departments being assessed and plan the assessment project
  2. Get the people aligned and conduct a Kickoff to get everyone on the same page
  3. Conduct the assessment and know where your PMO Maturity Level is today
  4. Determine the desired level of PMO maturity based on organizational strategic goals
  5. Develop a Roadmap to achieve the desired PMO maturity level
Want to Learn More? Watch the Full Webinar

StrategicFront: Assessing PMO Maturity in Your Organization

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