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4 Tips on Successfully Integrating AI in your Workplace – the Human Approach!

47% of all employment opportunities will be occupied by machines within the next two decades. Yet 80% of all Americans believe that they will be able to maintain their livelihood after the prophesized robotic boom.” – Oxford University


Throughout history, human kind has gone through technological advances, and with each advance workers’ feared that machines would take over, making their labour obsolete. Yet time has proven this is not the case. Instead modern technology has enabled workers to achieve greater efficiencies while working side by side with technology.


AI has taken the business world by storm permeating each sector from customer service, accounting and law – for example, chatbots are imitating human like customer service interactions, AI machine learning applications are analyzing law contracts in a fraction of the time, and accounting software is eliminating the mundane tasks of number crunching by learning algorithms.

The benefits of AI in the modern workplace are clear. The question then becomes – how do we properly integrate AI in the workplace? How do we ensure the current human workers embrace the new technology and maintain performance and morale?

Integrating AI in the Workplace – The Human Approach

The key to successfully integrating AI in any workplace is to apply a human approach. AI should be seen as a tool that employees leverage to streamline activities and save time.

Map processes according to task specialization:

Understand and assign tasks based on individual specialties i.e. AI is better at processing large data quickly or doing repetitive tasks accurately, while humans are better at analytical problem solving and relationship building.

Create strong governance:

Develop and implement a set of governance policies including roles and responsibilities to ensure AI is working within pre-defined organizational parameters.

Adopt a human approach: Understand that AI is a tool for the human worker. Its purpose is to improve the human workers effectiveness and efficiency.

Train employees to work alongside AI efficiently: 

Provide training and support to help employees understand the new technology and how it can enhance their work.

Ultimately its about setting the appropriate governance, roles and responsibilities and following a human approach that will ensure successful integration of AI within your company.

StrategicFront has lead several successful AI integration projects at leading banks and professional services firms – we have the experience and unique approach of combining project, process and change management principles to ensure successful delivery of AI initiatives.

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