How Change Management Consulting Can Help With Digital Transformation

Mar 1, 2023
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When a business undergoes a digital transformation, change management consulting can help employees accept and adapt to the change with fewer bumps along the way. At StrategicFront, we utilize our expertise in change management and change assessments to execute change tactics for a lasting adoption of change in your organization.

What Is Change Management? 

To avoid falling behind the curve, or to remain a step ahead of its rivals, a business must seek out ways to operate more efficiently – which is why many organizations are exploring and undergoing digital transformations. The purpose of change management is to help ease this organizational change for employees through specific tools and techniques. The goal is to have all internal stakeholders accept, commit to and embrace digital transformation. Change management is a process that enables organizations to:

  • Cope with change
  • Offer strategies that help to create a smooth transition and achieve results
  • Offer strategies to proactively plan for change
  • Get all stakeholders onboard with the change in order to follow a unified vision

Why Do Change Initiatives Fail?

Change management is a very important factor in business. As published by Forbes, “research from McKinsey and Company shows that 70% of all transformations fail.” When the change process is poorly executed and ultimately fails, a company can suffer tremendously and become less efficient, lose money and sometimes lose staff. The three main reasons why change initiatives fail are:

  • A lack of clear and consistent communication
  • Goals that have not been clearly outlined
  • Non-effective delegation of tasks/responsibilities

Let Us Help You With Successful Digital Transformation 

Our team of experts can help lead your organization through a successful change to digital transformation. We can help New York organizations with project management consulting, robotic process automation and more! Your first step is to fill out our contact form and book a complimentary automation garage session. We can’t wait to collaborate with you!

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