Digital Strategy

What does my goal need to be and when can I achieve it?
Digital Business Strategy

Define current landscape
Identify current challenges
Develop goals and vision

Digital Transformation Roadmap

Calculate cost and benefits
Identify key technology gaps
Build a roadmap of digital initiatives

Digital Strategy in Financial Services industry

Developed business digital strategy to address regulatory gaps

Unorganized portfolio delivery

Large financial institution was not able to manage a regulatory project portfolio of over $100MM to address regulatory gaps. Unable to tie back benefits and prioritize initiatives.

Digital Strategy in Financial Services industry

Developed business digital strategy to address regulatory gaps

Developed a system to prioritize, report and reduce project costs

Designed a Regulatory Portfolio Strategy that included understanding of risks and project prioritization. Developed a portfolio of projects and aligned them with capabilities and regulatory mandates. Worked on a detailed roadmap with specific timeline, dependencies and governance model to keep up with ongoing project progress.

Digital Strategy in Financial Services industry

Developed business digital strategy to address regulatory gaps

Better ways to manage and optimize regulatory projects

Satisfied CRO and CIO to now have an effective way to keep up with regulatory project portfolio. Realized savings of about 5% of portfolio budget by identifying low value work and realizing 2 for 1 benefits.

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Digital Strategy Insights

A One-Page Digital Strategy That Your Business Will Actually Use? Yes, it’s Possible!

Technology is transforming the way that we do business. Currently, businesses are facing critical questions about remote working and other technologies that will revolutionize our work culture. Digital strategy involves a rethinking of how we leverage technology, people, and processes towards new business models and new revenue streams, driven by changes in customer expectations around

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Smart phone with triangular recycling logo

Can Digitization & Sustainability Go Hand in Hand?

There is a growing awareness that organizations have a responsibility to their employees, customers and shareholders that goes beyond the bottom line. Investors today progressively favour companies that implement ESG practices and goals. According to Deloitte Insights, “globally, the percentage of both retail and institutional investors that apply environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles to

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Why does your Digital Strategy Fail?

According to CIO Magazine, digital-first companies are 64% more likely to achieve their business goals than their peers. In fact, 56% of CEOs surveyed say digital improvements have led to increased revenue. These digital improvements are almost always a part of a larger digital strategy and digital transformation process. So, What is Digital Strategy? A

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3 Ways Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Can Immediately Boost Your Business

Many time-consuming business process that we depend on for the smooth operation of our organizations today are routine and recurring. These critical but repetitive tasks are often completed by an organization’s best human resources. In fact, according to ServiceNow and Lawless Research’s 2015 report, 90% of managers spend 2 days every week performing routine administrative tasks.

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Digital transformation

How Change Management Consulting Can Help With Digital Transformation

When a business undergoes a digital transformation, change management consulting can help employees accept and adapt to the change with fewer bumps along the way. At StrategicFront, we utilize our expertise in change management and change assessments to execute change tactics for a lasting adoption of change in your organization.  What Is Change Management?  To

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Digital Technology Investments

Get More Out of Your Digital Technology Investments

Digital technologies continue to accelerate disruption and change. Even though companies recognize this disruption as a big risk they are unhappy with their digital technology investments. In this article, we highlight three things that can help you get the most out of your digital technology investments. Consumer behaviours are rapidly evolving due to digital It’s

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