What Is Digital Transformation?

The Definition:

Digital Transformation is the adoption of technology to transform business models, services and processes from non-digital to digital.

The Value:

Digital Transformation impacts the way people work, interact and operate by leveraging technology to gain a competitive edge and delivering a remarkable customer experience.

The Outcome:

Our clients achieve just that… which leads to realizing business value and achieving measurable ROI.

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Did You Know?

Despite advances in modern technology, the numbers are staggering in terms of failure rates of Digital Transformation projects.


of Digital Transformation Projects
fail to report improved performance.


% of Digital Transformation Projects
fail to deliver measurable ROI.


You may be wondering…

Why do Digital Transformation projects fail?

Companies don’t have the necessary digital transformation skills.

Executives fail to support big technology projects.

Most corporate cultures are actually anti-technology.

Partner with StrategicFront

Our clients experience over 90% success with Digital Transformation.

Our approach is unique… we apply a purpose-driven approach to digital transformation.

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We Start With

Purpose and Objectives

Understand and document the “Why” of our client’s digital transformation initiative.

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And End With

Business Value & Achieving ROI

Define at the onset the driving factors of the Business Value and Measurable ROI… and realize them!

The StrategicFront® Approach

When Transformation Management, Business Design, Organizational Change come together, businesses are enabled to do amazing things with Technology and Digitization to achieve Business Value & Measurable ROI!

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Diagram Showing the StrategicFront Approach

The StrategicFront Way to Digital Transformation Consulting truly integrates the disciplines of management, design and change to achieve digital success in Financial Services industry.

Transform. Confidently.

Transformation Management

Diagram showing Transformation Management as part of Digital Transformation

Setup of Digital Transformation Office, agile delivery model, strong leadership and governance to achieve rapid results.

  • Strategic Alignment
  • Governance
  • Agile Delivery
  • Initiation and Planning
  • METRICS: Realize ROI

Organizational Change

Diagram showing Organizational Change as part of Digital Transformation

Provide a thoughtful approach to change strategy and tactics to ensure customers, organization teams and applicable stakeholders achieve full adoption and the desired outcome.

  • People Readiness Assessment
  • People Change Strategy
  • Organization Change Tactics
  • Customer Change Tactics
  • METRICS: Measure Adoption

Business Design

Diagram showing Business Design as part of Digital Transformation

Redesign of business model, processes and services to ensure business capabilities are modernized in lockstep with technology and digitization.

  • Digital-first Business Model
  • Opportunities and Challenges
  • Redesign Future-State Process
  • Transform CX, Sales and Ops
  • METRICS: Attain Business Value

By following this approach

Our clients experience over 90% success with Digital Transformation.

Let us make your Digital Transformation journey a success.