Gain Access to World Class Business Technology

Technology Partners

Our depth of knowledge in client engagements is complemented by our partnership with specialized delivery partners and industry leading research organizations. Our strategic partners provide us with the ability to be among the best with knowledge competitiveness and delivery capabilities, to help our clients succeed.

Technological Prosthetic Robot Arm is Tested by Two Professional Development Engineers in a High Tech Research Laboratory with Modern Futuristic Equipment. Man and Female Compare Data on a Personal Computer.
Intelligent Automation

Increase organizational resource capacity without having to increase the number of people.  That’s what Intelligent Automation can deliver.


Powered by combining Business Process Management (BPM), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Systems Integration (SI), you can truly transform your Business unit to get work done with at the click of a button.


StrategicFront leverages IBM’s Intelligent Automation platform to offer you the very best in world class technology.


Redefine your company and your industry through trust, transparency and collaboration like never before.


Blockchain offers accurate measure of your assets, products, records or data as it moves through your complex organization and the outside ecosystem with your customers, vendors and any other entities.  It has never been this easy to access a technology that increases trust in your data.


StrategicFront provides best of Blockchain technology with robust technology developed through IBM.

Hybrid Cloud​

Consolidate all the technology your company uses into Hybrid Cloud and turn all your physical computing into a mere interface.


Hybrid Cloud has the power for your data to seamlessly flow between your ERP and CRM systems, and any other applications, to give new meaning to data collaboration.


StrategicFront can give you access to IBM’s Hybrid Cloud based on Red Hat cloud technology, that is acquired and integrated within IBM.

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