Process Management

Case for Agile Process Management

When designing processes, we are accustomed to the Six Sigma methodology and its stated DMAIC model – that is primarily composed of the following major stages: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control.

The DMAIC approach is equivalent to the Waterfall model of Systems Development, where they have phases that comprise of: Requirements, Design, Develop, Test and Deploy. The Systems Development methodologies have long transitioned from the Waterfall approach to a more versatile Agile approach. Time-to-market a product launch is shorter in the Agile approach, and one can use live feedback mechanisms to continuously improve product capabilities as the market uses the products through its progressive elaboration. A similar Agile in process improvement initiatives is long due. We can no longer use the DMAIC approach to define full end-to-end processes and expect to implement that to precision through a prolonged period of time – business just does not run that way. Embracing the Agile Process Management requires a culture of continuous improvement – where an organization would detect a problem, identify a few root causes, fix those, test how things run and improve on additional business needs in increments. If we were to define the full scope of a process initiative and implement that in its entirety, then the elongated time needed to do this may miss the opportunity to address the business issue on time. 

The following are key steps one can consider to implement an Agile Process Management:

  1. Identify organizational strategy and goals
  2. Define the problem
  3. Conduct current state assessment
  4. Identify and prioritize root cause
  5. Define Future State to Eliminate SOME of the root causes
  6. Implement Future State for the highest prioritized root causes
  7. Track the Problem / Identify additional root causes – Go Back to Step 1

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