Breakfast & Learn for Project Management Leaders

Breakfast & Learn for Project Management Leaders

In large organizations, the evolution of project management lags behind development of other capabilities such as finance, operations, HR, etc.

Only when the need for project management becomes critical do companies pay attention to improving their project management capabilities. 

But a proactive approach is the best way to be prepared for growth and business changes. What is the best way to achieve acceleration and progress in your project management?

On June 25th, StrategicFront in partnership with Sciforma will host a networking Breakfast & Learn event, during which we will discuss the following topics:

  • A maturity model for assessing your PMO maturity, and how to ask the right questions to achieve the desired outcome
  • Looking at your “whole system” of a PMO organization and measure across multiple line-of-business PMOs and roll up to Enterprise PMO
  • Carving a pathway towards a continuous growth journey in PMO maturity
  • How technology plays a role as you mature your PMO

Join us June 25 for Breakfast & Learn presentations and networking event!

Date: Tuesday, June 25
Time: 8 AM to 11 AM
Downtown Toronto
WeWork Toronto
240 Richmond Street W
Toronto, ON M5V 2C5

Meet the Speakers

Farzad Khan, MBA, P.Eng., PMP
Management Consultant 
StrategicFront / Consulting


Rachel Atkins, PMP, BSc
Strategic Management Consultant 
StrategicFront / Consulting

Elise Mascret
Canada Sales Manager

StrategicFront & Sciforma will also present how a project and portfolio management tool can help you centralize your data and gain visibility needed to mature your PMO:

  • Manage a portfolio of projects and choose the “right” projects to launch, depending on your strategic issues, your risks, your cost constraints or deadlines.
  • Respect schedules in terms of deadlines or budgets, make specific commitments on projects, manage resources and optimize project plan.
  • Consolidate the workload of your resources and master the progress of your projects.
  • Monitor your projects and project data in real time.

Are you looking for project management help? Let’s talk!

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