3 Ways Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Can Immediately Boost Your Business

Apr 1, 2023
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Many time-consuming business process that we depend on for the smooth operation of our organizations today are routine and recurring. These critical but repetitive tasks are often completed by an organization’s best human resources. In fact, according to ServiceNow and Lawless Research’s 2015 report, 90% of managers spend 2 days every week performing routine administrative tasks. This is equivalent to US $575 billion (or approximately 3.3% of US GDP) spent on administrative tasks in the United States. Robotic Process Automation or RPA is a technology that can help your business address this issue. 

RPA refers to software bots that use a series of prescribed rules to carry out business processes. Any rules-based, repetitive tasks performed by people to collect and process data can instead be delegated to RPA.

How Does RPA Make Your Business Better?
1. Make Your Employees Feel Happier and More Valued

Businesses rely heavily on routine, repetitive work that is manually completed. This is the kind of work that tends to be described as boring, time-consuming and soul-crushing. RPA is about more than just saving cost and time. It can be a way to value human talent and reclaim it for human activities. 

RPA can free up critical human resources for creative, higher-value work, while meeting your process delivery outcomes more consistently and improving customer and employee experiences. 

2. Do More with Your Existing Resources

By freeing up your human resources to do more valuable work, RPA enables your business to achieve more with its current resources. Plus, the cost of automating processes and maintaining them are usually lower than those of human resources.

Automation can also increase the speed of your business processes which increases the capacity of your business.  

Additionally, RPA bots are precise when it comes to completing rules-based tasks. This eliminates the chance of human-error, improves process compliance, and thus, reduces your risks and any associated costs. 

3. Grow Your Business Faster

RPA can make your business more scalable. It can help your business expand or reduce process capacity to meet variable or seasonal demand in a cheaper, more efficient manner, without having to cyclically hire and lay-off staff. 

Using RPA also increase process agility. It allows changes in business processes to go live more quickly by eliminating the time to train workers and the need to reinforce the training. This means you can implement processes that will improve your business faster. 

How Can StrategicFront Help?

As an IBM Silver Business Partner, StrategicFront can advise and support you with your RPA needs. IBM offers a Robotic Process Automation solution which is part of the IBM Digital Business Automation platform. The platform augments task automation by adding workflow, data capture, content, and decision automation to RPA bots. The IBM RPA can be used to automate your invoicing processes and bank statement reconciliations, update your CRM or even manage inventory records, to name just a few uses of this technology.   

StrategicFront can help you plan, design and implement RPA to meet your specific needs. Working with us, you’ll get the whole package – RPA strategy, innovative business design, skilled project leadership and discretionary pricing on IBM’s RPA solution. 

Your first step to improving your organizational capabilities is to contact us so we can help you use RPA to work faster and more effectively. Email us at info@strategicfront.com to connect!

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